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Costa Rica wrong locale format for currency


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      Greetings every bode, I would like to report a bug in locale es_CR:

      When I format a number using Costa Rica locale for a number like:
      I get: ₡2 500,22

      That is incorrect and look ugly, I contacted qt-project.org (because I use Kubuntu 18.04) so I tough was a bug in Qt locale but they said you guys define the standards so that is why I am reporting this!

      I research about the thousands separator and found at: http://www.estandarte.com/noticias/idioma-espanol/punto-en-los-nmeros-y-cifras_2294.html: the following info:

      The RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) seems to have a somewhat moderate position, and tells us that "Although it is still common practice in numbers written with numbers to separate the thousands, millions, etc., by a period (or a comma, in the countries where the point to separate the whole part of the decimal), the international standard states that it is disregarded. To facilitate the reading of these numbers, when they consist of more than four figures it is recommended to separate these by spaces by groups of three, counting from right to left: 52 345, 6 462 749. This recommendation should not be applied in accounting documents or in any type of writing in which the separation risks security. This separation is never used, nor is the point, in the numerical expression of the years, in the numbering of pages, portals of urban roads and postal codes, nor in the numbers of articles, decrees or laws.

      So it '''seems to be a recommendation not a law''', and a lot of countries including USA use dot or comma to separate thousands, and Costa Rica in all our accounting documentation we use dot to separate thounsands, so can you guys please change it!




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