Changes to timeData or locale timeFormats from ICU testing


The following issues arose from testing of the following ICU change to make the 'j' skeleton character mapo to the locale's timeData preferred cycle, as specified by CLDR:

  • fr_CA - timeData preferred=h, I am pretty sure that is wrong. The time patterns all use HH. => fix timeData.

  • af_NA. for NA timeData preferredf=h. af_NA has no time formats, for these falls back to af which is for ZA (for which timeData and formats have H). => add time formats with h in af_NA

  • ckb_IR. for IR, timeData preferredf=H. But default calendar is persian, and ckb_IR only has time formats for gregorian (using H as expected). For persian tiime formats, fall back to ckb, which only has time formats for gregorian (with h) so those get used. => in ckb_IR add time formats for persian, using H.

  • ha_GH. for GH timeData preferred=h. ha_GH has no time formats, for these falls back to ha which is for NG (timeData preferred=H), which also has no time foirmats and falls back to root formats using H (ok for NG).. => add time formats to ha_GH using h.

  • lkt[_US] time formats using h are unconfirmed, so in ICU these fall back to root formats using H. -=> confirm lkt time formats (and date formats) same as en[_US].

  • en_001, ar_001 = ar: timeData for 001 has H (makes sense) but short time formats for en_001 and ar use h. What to do? Changing timeData for 001 to h seems wrong; changing en_001 to use H might be better wbut would have compatibility implications.

  • en_BI, en_NG: neither has time formats, for both timeData has H, both fall back to en_001 which has formats with h. => add gregorian time formats in en_BI, en_NG, using H.

There is also something strange going on for ar_SA in ICU DateTimePatternGenerator with inheritance for availableFormats time items, but I think it can be addressed by adding availableFormats items for H and h to ar@calendar=islamic formats.








Peter Edberg


Peter Edberg


Roozbeh Pournader




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