Alternative names for keyboard LDML


Platforms may display hint to the users at various places as to what to expect from particular layout. For example, the layout of the name “United States-Dvorak for left hand” on Windows also uses “DVORAK L” description in the settings and “DVL” description in the input method list and notification area. These descriptions are independent of the layout name and commonly shared across different layouts, other example values are “QWERTZ” or “INSCRIPT”.

Proposed solution

Add type attribute with context semantic to the <name> element:

<name value="Greek (220) Latin" />
<name type="layout" value="QWERTY" />
<name type="indicator" value="220L" />

This allows for localization, but establishes one system name per layout file relationship (i.e. alternative name does not indicate to which name element it belongs, should there be multiple). All keyboard layouts currently in the CLDR have single name per layout. Multiple names are allowed, but the specification does not elaborate on when that would be the case.

Normalization indicator
Some keyboard layouts might want to indicate an intended normalization to aid the user to select which keyboard layout to use. This is only a descriptive attribute to be used in the UI to disambiguate keyboard layouts for the user and does not affect validity of the layout data.

The proposed name extension above allows for this indication easily, by introducing type="normalization" name.




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