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We need to explain why 0 and 1 are allowed in addition to zero / one, and what the differences are.

Change the following (and others as necessary)

<!ATTLIST unitPattern count (zero | one | two | few | many | other) #REQUIRED >

Example of difference.

Suppose that singular ("one") ends with 'u'. Then I can say
1 booku
2 books
21 booku
22 books

But I can also phrase the =1 case as:
a booku

The 0/1 cases are quite often specially phrased, even if the language has no formal plural categories, so those are also allowed.






May 10, 2019, 5:29 AM
Trac Comment 2 by kent.karlsson14@0885cc00c95d6cd9—2011-07-06T10:11:29.000Z

I've made a quick review of the data present in the "count=0"/"count=1" translations
in CLDR 2.0 relative to what is given as translations in the ordinary plural rules.

For the following locales, the "count=0"/"count=1" translations adds nothing worth
keeping (but may have casing and other errors):
af bg ca cs da/ de el es/ es_419 et/ fr fr_CA gl/ gu hi hr/ hu/ id is/ it/ ja/ ko lt lv
ml mr ms nb nl/ pl pt ru sk sl sr sv/ te th tr uk vi zh zh_Hant zh_Hant_HK

Those marked with / above in particular seem to have spurious errors of various kinds.
Casing errors are not noted here.

da: spurious differences dage/døgn (døgn should be preferred, also for nb&nn)
es: "dentro" really means within (though it is ambiguous with "in");
"en" (as used in 'es_419') is preferable over "dentro" also for 'es'
et: has spurious + and - in the translations
gl: has English translations
hr: count "other" sometimes uses a different formulation (with colon), which is probably undesirable
hu: seems strange; missing plural forms, or nonce differences?
is: uses spellout for "one" (count=1) but not otherwise, which should be counted as a nonce difference
it: has English translations
ja: has nonce spacing differences
nl: spurious differences dag/etmal
sv: spurious differences dag/dygn (dygn should be preferred)

hr, ru, uk: "many" should (maybe) include 0 in the plural-rules (0 is at present "other" for these)

Needs closer review: am ar bn eu fa fi fil he kn ro sw ta ur zu
(in particular: am, bn, sw, ta, zu may have faulty plural rules;
use of spellout/similar instead of number reference; other spuriousities)

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