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A recent (2014) survey of the Czech population organized by a renowned agency and commanded by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade's Business and Investment Development Agency asked citizens across the Czech Republic which languages they speak. The respondents had to choose one value from the range "fluent – active –
passive – not at all". The results are shown in this PDF, starting from page 11:

link to the survey

Based on these results, I suggest that CLDR data on the Czech Republic be improved to include the figures acquired by summing up the values for "fluent" and "active" (as a check, the figure for English would be 34 %, while current CLDR data says 27 %). Myself a citizen of the Czech Republic employed in the IT department of a university language center, I have the feeling that current CLDR data on the Czech Republic is as yet of low quality and should be improved, particularly now when Wikipedia started using it to determine relevant languages based on geolocation.

The new data "Language population %" values for the Czech Republic, calculated as described above, would be:

  • Czech 98 % – should remain, not covered in this survey

  • Slovak 42 % – this language is technically intelligible with Czech, but the survey proves that, with years passing since the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, more and more people (particularly the young generations) tend not to have contact with it and do not master it anymore; depending on the exact needs of CLDR, this language should or should not be included – passive bilinguism is strong in the Czech Republic (people do understand and can read Slovak, but cannot produce it themselves, because they get along well by speaking Czech towards Slovak speakers), but it might be reflected by the relatively high 34 % of "passive" answers, therefore leaving the most proficient 42 % to the actual "active" or "fluent" users

  • English 34 % – or the present 27 % figure might be preserved, if backed up by good sources, because this is the only major truly foreign language in the country and various detailed studies have been done on its prevalence

  • German 20 %

  • Russian 13 %

  • Polish 4 %

  • French 2 %

  • Spanish 1 %

  • Italian 1 %

Towards its end (p. 34), the study quotes numbers from a 2012 Eurobarometer survey, which gives 27 % for English (current CLDR's figure), but also 15 % for German and 13 % for Russian (which drastly contrasts with CLDR's current data, but aligns well with the recent figures listed above).

I will be happy if you take my findings into account and improve the CLDR database respectively. Thank you for your time.






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I am sorry to see this figure update falling through your sieve once again, giving me an estimate of the changes to be published sometime in March 2018 – meaning a year and a half after I submitted the ticket. I can, however, understand that you might be having more important issues to solve, and I can also imagine that processing this ticket might actually mean more effort than just updating the figures in sort of a table. That is why I just post this comment here, thank you for your work and am ready to patiently wait for the next chance for an update.

May 9, 2019, 10:52 PM
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Too late for v30, but an excellent report; Rick to add a link to this somewhere on our site so we can other people to it.




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