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In Ireland it is much more common for the start of the week to be Monday, not
Sunday (as marked in Supplemental Data Chart)






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Also note, NSAI intends to lobby to have glibc, Windows, and Java use Sunday as the firstDay for Ireland.

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Here is the history of changes in this area.

  • Before CLDR 1.9 / ICU 4.6, IE was listed (in supplementalData.xml) as using Sunday for the first day of the week.

  • This ticket : was filed by robkiely(at) requesting a change to Monday as being more common. However the CLDR TC did not find that there was enough evidence for making a change. Also Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin of NSAI, in a comment above, mentioned that although MOnday is sometimes used as the firstDay in a workweek context, there are good reasons in history and law for using Sunday; for the latter, a 1937 law defining Sunday as the firstDay, and an NSAI discussion reconfirming this in 2004.

  • : filed by P(at) claimed that calendars in Ireland use Monday as firstDay, and that glibc follows this convention. Yoshito investigated under that ticket (see [#comment:12]) and in 5 of 6 online transportation schedules that he looked at, the firstDay was Monday. No changes were made under this ticket; they were subsumed by the changes discussed in the next bullet.

  • Per : in CLDR 1.9, Yoshito compared against Java (en_IE) and Windows/.NET behavior. Both of these used Monday, so IE was removed from the list of countries that used Sunday (thus defaulting to Monday, the default firstDay for 001 = the world).

  • Per : in CLDR 2.0. Yoshito did more comprehensive investigation of firstDay behavior across locales, comparing to Java and Windows, with this spreadsheet: This confirmed Monday as firstDay for Ireland, and it was explicitly added to the Monday list.

  • However there is new feedback, including feedback from NSAI that firstDay should be restored to Sunday. Also, some of the transportation schedules cited in [#comment:12] as using Monday have changed to use Sunday, and Michael Everson (in [#comment:15] and later) has found several others that also use Sunday: Irish Rail, Aer Lingus, etc.

Per CLDR discussion 2011-02-22, we will change firstDay back to Sunday for IE, and as part of this create a CLDR page on which reasons for this and other similar decisions can be documented. This page is

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Doc: Resons for Decisions, under SPecifications

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Create reasons page, point to it




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