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Need a way that [U]DisplayContext for capitalization can affect DateFormatSymbols


When obtaining date symbols from DateFormatSymbols, it would be nice if there were a way that the [U]DisplayContext capitalization context could affect the capitalization of the returned symbols.

This is a bit awkward; currently the C++ getXxxx methods for various symbols just return a pointer directly into the symbol data stored in the DateFormatSymbols object, which is in typically in middle-of-sentence capitalization. Perhaps the object could store an uncapitalized and a capitalized version of each and return a pointer to the appropriate set, but that seems a bit wasteful.

Also, when SimpleDateFormat retrieves the symbols, it always needs to get them in middle-of-sentence capitalization so that it can apply the correct capitalization to the entire formatted date string, not to each individual symbol.



Peter Edberg


Peter Edberg