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Clang Address Sanitizer, clean up errors found with the no data test.


Clean up errors turned up by Clang's address address sanitizer tool.

The most serious problems were fixed earlier, under #13380.

Running a no-data test under the address sanitizer finds more problems, mostly memory leaks when code fails to properly clean up when taking error paths. The majority of the problems are in test code, but some are in the library code itself.

To reproduce the failures,

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 cd icu/source CPPFLAGS='-fsanitize=address' LDFLAGS='-fsanitize=address' ./runConfigureICU --enable-debug --disable-release Linux make clean make check # this should be clean # swap out the icu data file with stubdata, see BRS instructions for the no data test cd test/intltest make check # Memory leaks will be shown at the finish of the run.



Andy Heninger


Andy Heninger


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