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Services & getKeywords, getKeywordValues, and getFunctionalEquivalent


See email thread below for details.

  • Make getKeywords, getKeywordValues, and getFunctionalEquivalent
    API should reflect service registration.

  • In other words, the service framework should be a complete layer
    between public external API and the resource bundle component.

Doug Felt/Cupertino/IBM wrote on 05/04/2004 10:34:10 AM:



Sounds good to me.


Service registration is a seldom-used feature, and I think it should

be a separate layer on top of the resource bundle code. Let's keep

these things separate, they're easier to deal with that way.




Alan S Liu

05/04/2004 09:33 AM


To: Steven R Loomis/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS

cc: Doug Felt/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS, Mark Davis/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS

Subject: Re: getKeywordValues / getFunctionalEquivalent


I suggest we talk about this (briefly) in person Wednesday, and I'll

personally defer any action on the code.


What might be reasonable is to have two phases:


3.0: getAvailable reflects service registration

3.0: registration does not recognize RFC3066 locales, nor keywords

3.0: getKeywords / getKeywordValues do not reflect registration


3.2: registration possible using RFC3066 locales

3.2: registration possible using keywords

3.2: getKeywords reflects registered keywords

3.2: getKeywordValues reflects registered keyword values


Using a low-level call back to have resource bundle access the

service map seems like it would be desirable if we were to integrate

the service code with the resource bundle code so they were

logically unified (from an API viewpoint). This could work but it

seems a little forbidding. I might prefer layering.


  • Resource bundle layer: Provides all API ignoring registration.

  • Services layer: Allows dynamic overlay on top of the locale tree,

and provides identical API that reflects this.


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Steven R Loomis/Cupertino/IBM

05/03/2004 05:06 PM




Alan S Liu/San Jose/IBM@IBMUS




Doug Felt/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS




Re: getKeywordValues / getFunctionalEquivalent


I think you are right. Perhaps what we need to do is build up a

lazy-evaluated persistent map .. maybe the low level functions need

to have call-backs which can access the service's map.




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Alan S Liu/San Jose/IBM wrote on 05/03/2004 02:51:58 PM:


> Doug & Steven:


> I just had a disturbing thought about the getKeywordValues API,

> getFunctionalEquivalent API, and service registration.


> Is it the case that:


> 1. Someone could register something using a keyword locale, as in:

> en@collation=alan

> 2. And if this happened, should getKeywordValues reflect the new

> custom keyword (in this example, "alan")?

> 3. And likewise for getFunctionalEquivalent, once someone registers

> this, doesn't the functional equivalency map change? So that, for

> instance, if something is registered against any locale, then that

> locale must be regarded as functionally equivalent to nothing else.


> Does this sound correct?


> If so, I have more work than I thought...


> A. The Java service code needs to be extended to handle ULocales as

> well as Locales.

> B. The service code on both C++/Java needs to be wired up to handle

> the above logic.


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Douglas Felt




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