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Fix transliterators for CLDR characters


The following characters in CLDR 1.2 data are not transliterated to Latin by
Any-Latin. We should do the characters, and Armenian, since they are non-draft

U+0462 (Ѣ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Yat
U+0463 (ѣ) Cyrillic Small Letter Yat
U+046A (Ѫ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Big Yus
U+046B (ѫ) Cyrillic Small Letter Big Yus
U+0472 (Ѳ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Fita
U+0475 (ѵ) Cyrillic Small Letter Izhitsa
U+049A (Қ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ka With Descender
U+049D (ҝ) Cyrillic Small Letter Ka With Vertical Stroke
U+04A2 (Ң) Cyrillic Capital Letter En With Descender
U+04A3 (ң) Cyrillic Small Letter En With Descender
U+04AE (Ү) Cyrillic Capital Letter Straight U
U+04B1 (ұ) Cyrillic Small Letter Straight U With Stroke
U+04B8 (Ҹ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Che With Vertical Stroke
U+04BB (һ) Cyrillic Small Letter Shha
U+04E8 (Ө) Cyrillic Capital Letter Barred O
U+04E9 (ө) Cyrillic Small Letter Barred O
U+05BD ( ◌ֽ ) Hebrew Point Meteg
U+05C4 ( ◌ׄ ) Hebrew Mark Upper Dot
U+05F3 (׳) Hebrew Punctuation Geresh
U+05F4 (״) Hebrew Punctuation Gershayim
U+067C (ټ) Arabic Letter Teh With Ring
U+0681 (ځ) Arabic Letter Hah With Hamza Above
U+0685 (څ) Arabic Letter Hah With Three Dots Above
U+0689 (ډ) Arabic Letter Dal With Ring
U+0693 (ړ) Arabic Letter Reh With Ring
U+0696 (ږ) Arabic Letter Reh With Dot Below And Dot Above
U+069A (ښ) Arabic Letter Seen With Dot Below And Dot Above
U+06A9 (ک) Arabic Letter Keheh
U+06AB (ګ) Arabic Letter Kaf With Ring
U+06BC (ڼ) Arabic Letter Noon With Ring
U+06C7 (ۇ) Arabic Letter U
U+06C9 (ۉ) Arabic Letter Kirghiz Yu
U+06CD (ۍ) Arabic Letter Yeh With Tail
U+06D0 (ې) Arabic Letter E
U+0A03 ( ◌ਃ ) Gurmukhi Sign Visarga

Han: 円匁塀塁峠枠渋渓犠猟獣続縄繊脳舎萡込

Missing whole transliterators:

Illegal ID Armenian-Latin
Illegal ID Canadian_Aboriginal-Latin
Illegal ID Ethiopic-Latin
Illegal ID Georgian-Latin
Illegal ID Khmer-Latin
Illegal ID Lao-Latin
Illegal ID Syriac-Latin
Illegal ID Thaana-Latin
Illegal ID Tibetan-Latin



Mark Davis